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A safe and fun fantasy place 

You, the parent, are searching for ways to teach your core values in a way children relate to.  You want the children in your care to be well behaved, well educated and to become self-sufficient independent thinkers.

I understand that parents need a safe place for their children on the Internet. I have listened to parent teacher children groups and understand the pressures they all face.  One of their common desires is to keep children away from dangerous and negative influences such as gangs and drugs.

Bear's Path is a safe place on the internet for your children to explore. It is also a place where you, the parent, can feel assured your child’s best interest is at heart.  It is a hero’s journey for kids.  The charming fantasy lands engage them as critters relate to the kids and each other one on one.

Who are We?

I'm Amy,  the creator and writer of this blog .   However,  Bear says I am wrong  - HE does all the work of walking & dancing on the keyboard and getting the blog out. HE does it at night so the blog is ready the next day. HE says Amy tells people she wakes up at night and writes. Bear says Amy is dreaming. 

Bear captures the hearts and minds of people HE meets. HIS adventures with his friends, AliGator, SamSeagull, CharlieCat and LouieLizard are the inspiration for many of our stories

Amy & Bear

Bear enjoys going to HIS art museums, flower shops, hardware stores, music stores, bookstores, seeing HIS friends and more. Bear is famous for HIS public appearances wearing HIS different wardrobe of shirts and ski jacket.  HE prefers to ride in HIS land yacht and watches very carefully as one of these days soon HE is going to take over the steering wheel as they cruise the main streets of U.S.A.  

More Fans Speak Out...

Dan Linkert

Amy & Bear  - living the life meant for them!

From the first day I joined Amy & Bear on their personal Journey through the Master Key Experience, I was in for
an adventure like nothing before! Going from Bear's crazy business ideas to Amy’s reality checks I found myself laughing all the way, as they both learn the skills needed to becoming the person(s) they intended to be,  getting help along the way from many colourful characters.

 Pull up a chair and have a seat! See what the Amy Swift Club is up to next, as they teach you about Living the life You were meant to live.

Danny Linkert

About Amy and Bear

The characters, Amy, Bear (THE YORKIE) and friends are a blend of fictional and real personalities that take their readers on a hero’s journey in fantasy worlds.  The fantasy tales, lands and castle engage children, as critters relate to the kids and each other, one on one.

As they read, children can see how words, actions and thoughts create a hero’s journey as Bear and his friends get into and out of trouble in these light hearted and comical fantasy stories.

In real life Bear is seven years old and owned by me, Amy Swift.  Bear has made me, HIS second owner, laugh since HE was 14 weeks old. My hope is the same for you in the same delightful fashion.

I started to write my blog, 'Amy’s Castle' because of the 
Master Key Experience Course I enjoyed in 2017. The MKE Course changed both of our lives - Amy and Bear.  Together we shared some of the lessons learned from the MKE Course.

The blog since then has taken on a life of its own and continues to this day with old and new friends popping in and out of our lives (and our stories.) It deals mainly with the adventures of Bear who has intermittent super powers and an attitude, Amy his owner, their friends and their outlook on life.

What our Fans say...


Amy brings out the kid in all of us...

Amyswift.club is just the blog to get a good laugh and brighten your day. Amy so eloquently brings out the kid that is in all of us!

Heather Kneale ​


Can't wait to see what happens next!

Amy Swift and her sidekick “Bear”, a small dog eager to live up to his name, travel the country experiencing adventures that could only happen to small animals.  Stay tuned and come back to see what happens next!

Wayne Weld


I laugh out loud when I read the stories!

Amy writes with a very positive viewpoint, and it's both challenging and uplifting to read her adventure stories, and then help Bear and his pals find the best potential solutions.

dee sohler

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Follow us for fun, adventures, laughter and most of all to learn Bear's secrets. Maybe HE will dance on the keyboard as HE writes to you from HIS own private email address.  No spam. Only love.
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